If you’re experiencing issues with your Polk Signa S2 soundbar, resetting it can often restore proper functionality. Resetting your soundbar returns it to factory default settings, clearing any glitches that might have developed over time. It’s an easy do-it-yourself fix before exploring more complex solutions. This guide will walk you through the full process of safely resetting your Polk Signa S2 soundbar.

When to Reset Your Polk Signa S2

Resetting your Polk Signa S2 soundbar is recommended if you notice any of the following issues:

  • Connectivity or pairing problems with your TV, streaming devices, or Bluetooth connections.
  • Persistent sound distortions, interruptions, or sound quality changes.
  • General sluggish or erratic performance.
  • Problems upgrading or installing firmware updates.

Resetting often resolves these common problems with minimal effort. It should be one of the first troubleshooting steps to try.

Preparing to Reset the Soundbar

polk signa s2 troubleshooting

Before starting the reset process, take the following precautions:

  • Make sure all devices are powered on and properly connected to the soundbar via HDMI ARC or optical input.
  • Check that batteries in the soundbar remote have adequate charge.
  • Turn off any paired Bluetooth devices to avoid interference.

Taking these steps ensures a smooth reset process.

Step-By-Step Instructions to Reset

Resetting your Polk Signa S2 is very simple with just a few button presses on the included remote:

  1. Press and hold the “Soundbar Power” and “Night Mode” buttons simultaneously – Hold both remote buttons down together for at least 5 seconds.
  2. Check for blinking LEDs on the front of the soundbar – This confirms the reset is in process. Keep holding the buttons.
  3. Release buttons when LEDs stop blinking – Once the LED indicator stops flashing, release both buttons on the remote. The soundbar will restart automatically.

And that’s it! Within about a minute your soundbar will power back on, restored to factory settings.

Connect Devices and Enjoy

polk signa s2 reset

After the reset process completes, you can reconnect all of your devices like TVs, gaming consoles, and streaming boxes. In most cases connectivity issues will be resolved.

Feel free to customize audio settings like bass, 3D surround sound, and dialogue enhancers to suit your preferences. With all glitches and inconsistencies cleared out, you can enjoy flawless audio performance from your Polk Signa S2 soundbar once again.

Here are suggested details for the “When to Seek Professional Help” and “Alternatives to Resetting” sections:

When to Seek Professional Help

While resetting often resolves common Polk Signa S2 issues, contact professional support if:

  • Problems persist after multiple reset attempts;
  • Physical damage is visible on the soundbar or connectors;
  • Firmware update failures occur even after resetting;
  • Other devices like TVs have functioning sound, but not the soundbar;
  • Audio performance changes even with reset device connections.

Polk’s customer service team has advanced troubleshooting tips for tricky or complex soundbar issues. Reach their support experts via:

Email: support@polkaudio.com

Phone: 1 (800) 377-7655

Live Chat on polkaudio.com

Describing your troubleshooting steps to Polk’s tech team can speed solutions. They can determine if a repair, replacement, or custom fix is required for your situation.

Alternatives to Resetting

If repeatedly resetting your Polk Signa S2 has not resolved performance problems, try:

  1. Updating to Current Firmware – Newer versions may fix bugs. Resetting after firmware updates often helps too.
  2. Adjusting Sound Settings – Changing default audio modes, enabling/disabling surround effects, bass/treble tweaks, or TV connectivity options can optimize playback.
  3. Factory Reset on Source Device – If soundbar issues happen only with one connected device like a streaming box, reset that source first.
  4. Changing Connections – Swap HDMI or optical cables connecting TVs/devices to rule out cable failures as the culprit.


This comprehensive guide walks you through the process of resetting the Polk Signa S2 soundbar to factory default settings. Also, additional troubleshooting tips are offered for situations where resetting doesn’t solve the problem.

This includes contacting Polk Customer Support, attempting a firmware update, adjusting audio configurations, resetting connected devices, and replacing cables.

In summary, while resetting remains the top recommendation, exploring these other options provides additional troubleshooting options. Being able to self-service this common fix ultimately saves customers time, money and frustration.